Artificial flower bouquets for rent
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Simply Silk Flowers rents out artificial flower bouquets for your home or office on an ongoing basis. To keep things ‘fresh’, we will exchange the bouquet on a monthly basis, meaning you will receive a different bouquet every month.  At Simply Silk Flowers, we devote ourselves to variety, meaning each bouquet that you will receive is unique. 

    We currently only operate in Perth, Western Australia


Artificial flower bouquet in glass vase with fake water


We only have a rental agreement, which can be terminated at any time



Our service costs $50 a month, irrespective of the sizes of the bouquets.

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We also rent out bouquets for once-off events and occasions



We do all the deliveries, meaning that you don’t have to waste time fussing over flowers.


How it Works:

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Choose the bouquets that you love most,  and we will deliver one of them to your office or home


After one month, we will come around to collect the bouquet, and provide a different one in its place

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And so every month you will receive a 'fresh' bouquet without having to lift a finger!


Our Story

Ever had an idea that seemed so impulsive and random, that you just had to try it out?

That’s exactly the way in which Simply Silk Flowers was found.


It was a day as mediocre as any other, back in 2013, when Karin (my mother), came up with the idea of renting out artificial flower bouquets to companies and offices. As a full-time vet, an online tutor, a mother of three and a wildlife volunteer, she didn’t exactly have the time to start up a small business.

But she did it anyway.

Simply Silk Flowers has evolved so much throughout the past few years, and that is all due to Karin’s diligence and hard work. I have recently taken over Karin’s role, taking on the responsibilities of Simply Silk Flowers. I never realised how easy she made it look! I am so proud of our small family business, and I truly hope that you will not only appreciate the beauty of our flowers, but also enjoy the quality and friendliness of our service.










Contact us

Northern Suburbs & CBD:

Karin:  0426 765 876


Southern Suburbs:

Selma: 0457  161  456


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